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First aid for parents, grandparents, mums-to-be and guardians.

Being a parent is a tough job and children often end up with bumps and bruises or become unwell. However it is always a worry if a child or baby ends up suffering from something which could potentially be life threatening; such as choking, asthma attacks, a severe allergic reaction or sudden cardiac arrest. Would you know what to do?

Recognise signs and symptoms

As a parent you will probably be the one who has first contact with the child or baby and being able to recognise signs and symptoms of an injury or aliment will help you to administer the appropriate first aid. Here at Wiltshire First Aid Training we offer parental first aid training and we recognise the need for parents to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with these incidents. Also to have the confidence and the ability to remain calm and in control. When the child or baby is a family member it can sometimes have an effect on the way we react. We run two hour first aid training courses which will give the skills necessary and will be tailored to your specific needs and concerns you may have.

Crying child

Course content:

CPR pracitse on baby manikin
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"I was scared of weaning my baby and put it off and now I feel I know what to do should she start to choke. A very informative course and actually enjoyable too"

- Rebecca Andrews new parent 

"Really enjoyed the course - how easy it can be to save a life! I will thoroughly recommend the course & Emma was excellent"

- Mary Grant new parent 

Ensure you have the right skills to deal with a sick or injured child. For parental first aid call Wiltshire First Aid Training today!

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