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Allergy wise -
Anaphylaxis adrenaline auto injector training

Every school is likely to have at least one pupil who is severely food allergic and many schools will have more. Peanut allergy is particularly common with 1 in 70 children nationwide thought to be affected. We are encouraging an approach to managing severe allergies that can be adopted throughout your organisation, as allergic children are rarely with the first aid officer when they start to become ill, and the wrong action taken by untrained staff can be very dangerous for a child. The anaphylaxis training we offer is based on The Anaphylaxis Campaign’s RCN-accredited Allergy Wise program.

Course content:

-       Allergen avoidance - which hopefully will prevent them having a reaction in the first place. 
-      Early recognition of symptoms - so all staff will be able to spot the early signs.
-      Crisis management - so if a child does become ill, staff will be able to act promptly and effectively.


Each training session will last for between 45 and 60 minutes.

Maximum learners

15 – 20 learners

"Excellent course, Emma was a great teacher, really informative"

Cheryl Oxford Ramsbury Pre School 23/01/2016

"Friendly competent instructor,
good pace"

Lynne Lewington, Ofsted Inspector, Tidworth 16/01/2016

"Easy to understand digest and reinforced through practicals"

 Katie Trott Oaktree Nursery and School - 30th June 2017
Lynne Lewington, Ofsted Inspector, Tidworth 16/01/2016

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